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  Copyright ©
All texts, graphic elements and all sound examples of the domain is subject to copyright.

The copyright is held by infos24 internet service GbR, Josephine Schubert, Manuel Wree as well as infos24 GmbH, Andrés Ehmann.

The possibility to use the sites is result of the following.
Parts which copyright is not owned by infos24 because they come from to infos24 associated authors are marked separately. Also for these parts of associated authors the same rules apply. All information is valid for

  1) Distribution through internet (online), intranets and saving on PCs
The training material offered on the domain can be copied and published on other domains any time. The limitation of 6) is to be taken into account. It's not permitted to modify any part of the material (shorting, adding, modification of design, layout or logo. It's not permitted to publish the training material the way that the owner cannot be recognised. Further it's not permitted to put the training material into other frames, when the owner and author cannot be recognised anymore. It's irrelevant whether the material is used commercially or not. However it's not permitted to distribute any part of the training material against payment.

  2) Saving on other modes of electronical memory
The saving on CDs or other modes of electronical memory is permitted with the a.m. limitations. This is valid also for direct or indirect commercial use. It is not permitted to distribute the training material agains any kind of payment. The limitations of 6) are to be taken into account.

  3) Printing on paper
Under the a.m. condition maintaining the integrity of the documents parts of the manual or even the complete manual can be printed on paper. It has to be made sure that the author of the manual, infos24 GbR, is to be recognised clearly. The limitations of 6) are to be taken into account.

  4) Infringements
Any infringement of the above mentioned leads to a reminder by infos24 that is charged. If no corrective action is taken a solicitor will send a reminder that is charged to the person or organisation causing the infringement.

  5) Conditions into which the online material may be put
It is not permitted to put texts of infos24 into a context that potentially discriminate certain groups of people. Especially this is valid for sites that aim at the distribution of nationalistic, extreme right-wing or fascistic ideas. In these cases a reminder will be charged immediatedly. Further it is not permitted to publish texts of infos24 in context that infringe German laws.

  6) Use by commercial and non-commercial training corporations
Commercial and non-commercial training corporations can use the material for training or use on their own sites only when infos24 GbR or infos24 GmbH has given expressively consent. Any infringement of these regulations leads to a charged reminder. If approval is not met a charged solicitor's reminder will be initiated.